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logo both factionsIts been a while since I've updated, RL getting in the way and everything but the guilds and SWTOR have been steadily rolling on. We've had several things happening in SWTOR, which I will try and quickly address here.

  • We have had a big server merge that has combined the PvP, RP, and Generic servers into  new larger servers with larger populations, updated technology and better bandwidths, making connections more stable. For anyone looking for the guilds, we are still Primus Nova on Imperial and Nova Squadron or Republic but now are on the Darth Malgus server,
  • There has been another new boss on the slowly rolling out operation Valley of the Machine Gods -Nahut. I've not actually been there yet to experience him but will post screenies of him when I do. :)
  • A new story line progression and accompanying Flashpoint - A Traitor Among the Chiss. It's only a small bit of story line that sets the setting for the flashpoint, but it did make me look forward to the story arcs completion, and no doubt the next expansion.
  • New level augments (now item level 236 or "augment 46" if searching on the gtn). They still fit in to MK-10 Augment kits, so no need to bin those just yet, and they require some rare mats, so expect them to be expensive (I'm still using the old 228's at the moment until I have enough mats to make them myself :) ).
  • SWTOR's 6th birthday! Hard to believe its been running 6 years already, but there's currently a new vendor on fleet that is selling (well not really selling, they are all 0 credits to buy) new stronghold decorations, a new party jawa, a training hologram and a new character flair (its like a badge that is displayed by the side of your name when you display the flair).

Damn, I've missed a lot ....


So now we're all caught up, here's something I found funny the other day. I was doing the companion story lines for Mako and Torian on my mercenary, and they seem to be getting really into each other - a little bit too into each other if you ask me! :D


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